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New HD panniers

The new HD panniers are specially designed to make your journey more comfortable.

We are very proud to offer good quality products at affordable prices.
The panniers we are now producing are the result of many testing hours and reflect our evolution as engineers and travelers.
They combine the utility and attractive design with sturdiness.

Made of 2 mm aluminium alloy, having the lid and the bottom deep drawn, sealed with silicone and a rubber EPDM gasket, closed with one or two strong toggle latches to ensure their waterproof proprieties.
Our original panniers fixing system is design so that in case of a stronger shock force the panniers are released from the rack.

                 2 mm Aluminium

                 Key lock system

       13 faces hard plastic corners

                     Strap holders

                    Easy-fix system: 50€

                  Welded corners

1 - Choose your size

 39 L - 450x220x420(h) 

Small size (39L)


From 330€

Big size (48L)


From 340€

2 Choose your color (coating : + 30 €)


Coated Black

Coated Gray

Different body and top 

Other colors on demand.

3 - Choose your lid

Lid openning system : No price difference

2 locks (removable lid)

1 lock 2 hinges

1 lock 2 hinges

Panniers fixing system: 50 €

Polyethylene foam isolation :  + 15 €

Panniers Handle : 26€

Extreme protection : 30€



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Design - photography:  klm.breton@gmail.com