Heavy Duties

Adventure luggage and protection

Heavy Duties is a company made by two brothers with the support of many friends, brought together by their common passion for travelling and motorcycles.

For the last 9 years we have tried to combine adventure motorcycling in some of the most remote areas of the world with testing and developing our own equippment in the hardest travelling  conditions.

Nine years ago we started manufacturing motorcycle accessories for adventure riding proposes. 

At first, we have equipped our own bikes and now we are proudly producing panniers, racks, crash bars, centre stands and other luggage accessories for 25 other motorcycle models.


Heavy Duties is producing panniers, protection devices and accessories for motorcycles.


All of our equipments are designed to meet the client’s demands 

We always take in account the long term life of our products, their utility, their match with the intended purpose as well as their appealing design.

Heavy Duties Team.


Tel. : 004 0721836178 /004 0726311104

Design - photography:  klm.breton@gmail.com